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We Respectfully invite you to join ...
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The Presence, the Weight, and the Authority of an
Established Branded Name

The foundation of our marketing is a consistent focus on our
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888-SOLDin 9!!!
  • Branding   
    When you see the Big Brown Box Van coming down the road, from a mile away,
     and long before you can read their logo you already know that it's......UPS.

    The "Golden Arches"...there's only one McDonald's.

    And of  course..."Mickey"...Without another word we all think of Disneyland.

  • Branding .... 888-SOLDin 9!!!
Sell Your House in 9 Days or Less !!! 888-SOLDin9 !!!

  • Branding - consistently connecting an image to an idea or ideal so that one becomes the other.
    9 !!!
            Sell Your House in 9 Days or Less!!!  888-SOLDin
    9 !!!
  • Branding, the Brand, the Image ..... 888-SOLDin9 !!!
So here is our offer, and your opportunity to gain a market position unlike any other;

We'll start with the price structure.

A monthly fee of from $69 / mo to $29 per month depending on the size of the region you control. (All of New York City for$69/mo but a smaller population area/ smaller demographic base and the price adjusts accordingly.)

And here is what you'll get;
  • The Phone Number 888-SOLDin9 !!!
  • The exclusive use of the phone number 888SOLDin9 !!!
  • in your area...EXCLUSIVE...not 1/2 or 1/3 of the phone calls on a "rotation". It's all yours and only yours. Every time someone calls 888-SOLDin9 !!! from your region(s) the call instantly forwards to the phone number you chose. Every call, every time...Exclusively.
  • The Web Site
  • Leads -- Every time a client, potential home seller completes our "Sell My House" form on line it will be forwarded to you exclusively. Not shared with other investors or partners or other "revenue sources".
    Your Leads !!!....exclusively.

  • Partners Only Forum Section - This where you can talk openly with other investors in our web. Do you need advice on a deal? Or do you have an investment opportunity but you need help with capital? You're in California but someone in Maryland wants to sell you a house and you need clarification on the new Maryland Foreclosure Laws? This is a "Private Venue" for investors only.

  • Listings for free both in our exclusive "members only" section, and in the more open forums area. You can list your "Properties for Sale" and "Wanted", "Services Available", "Partnerships Available/Wanted" etc.
    • Road Signs (Bandit Signs) - WE have many designs

      WE BUY HOUSES !!! 888 - SOLDin9 !!!

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        WE have many template styles ready for you to use at BanditSigns.com. You chose the format and the signs can be at your doorstep in just a few days.

    • And your business cards can look like these;

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    And most importantly !!! .....

    The Presence, the Weight, the Authority of

    "An established branded name."

    • 888 - SOLDin9 !!!

    all for about what you pay for your cell phone bill.

    WE are accepting partnership applications but because of the "One Partner per Area" exclusivity, you must act now to assure that you secure this opportunity. What happens when the market heats up again and you missed this chance?!!!

    Call, Email or complete the form but do it now! The first qualified applicant will own their territory AND THE PHONE NUMBER.

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    To send us an e-mail message, please . Or, call us RIGHT NOW at 888-sold-in-9 (888/765-3469). As the third option, you may complete the form shown below.

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